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Future’s business is built on six strategic pillars:


Our focus on and commitment to form – editorial quality and design excellence – underpinned by the focus, passion and expertise of our people, are cornerstones of Future’s success as a publisher.


We have focused on building strength cross-platform in our core sectors – games, music & movies, technology and active. We hold leadership positions in all of the core sectors in which we operate.


Our core audience is male, young or young-at-heart. Whether they are reading one of our magazines, attending an event, or participating on one of our websites, we have a unique insight into what makes them tick.


Our strength is in English-language content provision. Our content is internationally transferable through export, licensing and syndication.


Future has long-standing, deeply embedded publishing partnerships with some of the world’s biggest technology, video games and broadcast companies.


The internet is the ultimate medium for enthusiasts and still presents a considerable opportunity for Future. We are investing to acquire, grow and migrate the skills we need to exploit our digital and emerging media portfolio.

We have three key priorities for driving growth:

  • Engaging prosumers: we base everything we do on enthusiasts who are passionate about their interests. We call these enthusiasts ‘prosumers’ because their passion for their hobby makes them more like professional consumers: more engaged, more loyal, more committed than consumers of general media. Our aim is to reach and engage them: in print, face-to-face and online.
  • Strengthening commercial partnerships: our goal is to be the partner of choice for companies looking to do business with our communities of enthusiasts. The depth and breadth of our commercial partnerships are a key competitive differentiator for Future, and we continue to strengthen these.
  • Balancing our portfolio: Future globally manages its business as a portfolio of over 100 mini profit centres. This enables us to adjust our product mix to the fortunes of our host sectors and to fine tune each product to ensure it always performs to its maximum potential. We’re not reliant on any one of our host sectors, nor on any single magazine or website; nor indeed on any single source of revenue. We continue to invest across our portfolio, which we believe will serve us well for the future.