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A Global Business

Future’s focus is on creating high quality content that travels. Our innovation and agility has placed us at the centre of the digital media revolution and the last year has seen massive growth in our international audience. We now reach 49 million unique users globally each month.
Future has become a global leader in publishing on the iPad through Apple’s Newsstand, with over £16m in gross revenue since its launch in October 2011. In 2013 Future sold over five million digital editions across all platforms and three quarters of our market is outside the UK.

And international partners are showing keen interest in licensing FutureFolio for their own brands. We are working with publishers in the US, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Taiwan, and FutureFolio is now signed up to power 90 digital editions for partners.

These initiatives include the development of our website technology solutions and the introduction of a dedicated translation unit to provide local language content to our digital and print content partners.