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PC Gamer

Produced by hardcore gamers for hardcore gamers, PC Gamer knows what its audience needs to satisfy its enthusiasm. It gives them major exclusives, in-depth previews, hard-hitting reviews, winning strategies, easy-to-understand explanations of complex technology, and so much more. Whether they’re reading the magazine, our blogs, or enjoying our massively popular audio and video podcasts, PC Gamer feeds gamers info in a fun, irreverent yet informative way that invites newcomers to the hobby while satisfying the needs of old pros.

PC Gamer is the preferred editorial partner for PC game publishers and the industry’s leading advertising vehicle. Well into its second decade, PC Gamer has become more than just the world’s best-selling PC games magazine – it’s now a premium brand that leads multiple markets with its powerful website, thrilling podcasts, and large-scale gaming events.

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