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About Us

The Future Advantage

We’re proud of the entrepreneurial and innovation-led culture at Future. We have world-class content creators and digital innovators whose passion is to connect, inspire and entertain the millions of engaged consumers who make up our global audience.

Creating Value – our business model

Future is focussed on growing and engaging high-value global audiences. We create shareholder value by monetizing these audiences and the meaningful engagement our reach delivers for our commercial partners.

01. Content

Creating high quality and unique branded content for our engaged international communities of interest.

Our brands are our most important channels – and they are powered by our passionate, world-class expert journalists, designers, developers and editors. In the last year our people have won more than 40 industry awards and their talent, experience, creativity and innovation is recognized internationally. Our people live our brands.

Our focus on specialist sectors that ignite the passions of consumers the world over allows Future to create branded content that travels in the new borderless digital media landscape.

From TechRadar to GamesRadar, PC Gamer to Mac|Life, we create brands our consumers keep coming back to again and again.

02. Consumers

Focussing on sectors in growth, and entertaining and informing our consumers.

Across the globe, our consumers are united by one thing – they love and trust our content.

Future creates trusted content, and in so doing we create loyal communities of interest.

Increasingly our content is used in real time to influence and inform purchase decisions. TechRadar – which now reaches over 20 million unique users a month globally – is a prime example of a Future brand selected by consumers already in the purchase funnel, actively looking for guidance they trust.

03. Engagement

Monetizing consumers through innovative engagement models.

We deliver revenues from print and digital product sales – we sold over 14 million magazines and over five million digital editions  last year.

Future has focussed on developing multi-channel engagement with its consumers. We have extended page views and dwell times on our own sites and utilized social networks to reach new consumers. As we increase engagement we are evolving new ways to monetize our audiences, above all through affiliate partnerships with retailers.

Our new Events business is a vital part of our consumer engagement across photography, technology, design and music sectors.

04. Partnership

Monetizing our audiences via access to these communities for our commercial partners.

Our brands are hubs for our communities of interest. They provide a range of touchpoints into their lives – online, on mobile, in print, and beyond.

And they provide valuable opportunities for our commercial partners to engage with passionate enthusiasts and active purchasers alike.

Future has rapidly developed a diversified revenue stream in its content marketing offering: providing integrated creative solutions and digital agency services to a growing roster of international brands, including Samsung, Hyundai, O2, and Carphone Warehouse. Future’s Content Marketing revenues have doubled in the last 12 months – delivering tangible return on investment to clients as well as winning international awards.